Curtis and Livers Consulting

Curtis and Livers Consulting specializes in product development, software support and staff training for the Indiana Special Education Community.  We are a consulting company that provides support and services for entities that use the CLSI Student Information System or The CODA Project's IEM Student Management Application.  Additionally, we provide support and training for ad-hoc reporting utilizing Stonefield Query Report writer.




New School Update Procedures

Don't forget to update CLSI with new values for the upcoming school year, only after you have submitted your DOE-EV and DOE-TR reports.


Special Education School or Cooperatives

If your currently using The CODA Project's IEM Student system or desire a  database to store and report student data, please contact us for additional information on how to retain our services, please contact Tracie Curtis or Tina Livers for details.


Curtis and Livers Support & Service Contracts

All support and service contracts are based on the school year calendar of 7/1 - 6/30 of the current school year.  The 2014 -2015 school year contract will expire on June 30th of 2015.  If you are interested in renewing your contract or partnering with us for the first time please contact us for pricing.


Upcoming Reminders

December Count 2014: Saturday, December 1, 2014